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Flood Restoration & 24 Hour Emergency Storm Management

  • Storm Preparation
  • Gutter/Downspout Clean-outs
  • Downspout Rerouting
  • Water Pump-outs
  • Damage Inspection Assessment
  • Demolition Services
  • Dumpster Services
  • Safe Removal of Debris
  • Spraying of Preventative Solutions
  • Mold, Odor and Corrosion Control
  • Controlled Drying Dehumidifying
  • Rebuilding & Restoring
  • Completion of comprehensive report for your insurance company so the claim can be handled quickly.

For all details, additional information or if you have an emergency, please contact our office at 201-358-2909.



We all know storms are an unpreventable and can be scary, dangerous and costly. But being prepared is what brings the unnecessary costs down and is one heck of a piece of mind. You can't put a price on knowing you and your home/building are ready for almost anything nature is going to throw at it.

From caulking/sealing up of windows, skylights, doors, chimneys and gutters all the way to blowing out the gutters and downspouts to assure the water will stay out and flow out of your gutters the way it should. It's little things like this that can save you immensely in the long run.


We are a team of highly trained professionals that have many years experience in controlled demolition and the removal of mold and other dangers caused by flooding. We have 24 hour access to roll off containers/garbage (demo) trucks to get any size dumpster onsite at any time. Then we come in and remove all the damaged materials and prep everything for the spraying of the mold and other bacteria. The solutions we spray are nontoxic yet it removes and prevents all surface and air born mold. We then leave air movers and dehumidifiers to help speed up the drying process and to make sure no mold will grow back.


Flawless Finish Power Washing has teamed up with a few highly qualified construction contractors in the industry to conduct all the rebuilding and finish work needed to get your house/building back to the way it was if not better. Our contractors are all licensed, insured and meticulous about their work, and they are well aware of the very high standards we at Flawless Finish require for all of our customers.

This is a huge help as we become your one stop shop for all your damage/restoration needs. That means more time to yourself to get things back in order after a storm or flood and a lot less unneeded stress of having to call and coordinate a bunch of different contractors. So one call to us and we are all on the same page and we handle everything on our end so you don't have to.

We also clean and disinfect lots of items that were salvaged from a storm or flooding innocent, saving you money and time of arguing with insurance companies...

Emergency flooding repair and cleanup services to New Jersey residents. Water damage cleanup and restoration. Start to finish we can repair and restore your water damaged home or business. 24/7 emergency services available. Cleanup for flood damage to homes, business, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and retail stores...

You can rely on us for an affordable Water Damage Restoration Flood Damage Cleanup service that never compromises on a flawless finish!

Give us a call today for your FREE Water Damage Cleanup Restoration estimate.

Give us a call today for your FREE estimate and give your property the finish it deserves, a FLAWLESS FINISH.