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Commercial Power Washing

  • Buildings
  • Store Fronts
  • Malls
  • Shopping Centers
  • Concrete
  • Gum Removal
  • Awnings
  • Drive-Thru Lanes
  • Dumpster Enclosures
  • Loading Docks
  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Garages
  • Graffiti Removal Specialists
  • Large Area Surface Cleaning
  • Post Construction Clean-Up
  • Flood Restorations
  • Fleet Washing
  • & More...

We offer one-time cleaning or weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually contracts for routine maintenance on the listed properties.


The exterior of your building, store or business is the first thing people, clients and customers see when they arrive. And we all know first impressions are everything. So don't let dirt, grime or discoloring take away from the appearance of your professional establishment. We utilize high reaching man lifts and boom trucks, so heights are not going to stop us. We also own truck and trailer mounted pressure washers capable of producing 250 degree water.
So the toughest of stains like rust, oil, and grease are no match for Flawless Finish Power Washing.
Hot water combined with the proper solution and our highly trained professionals means less pressure is needed on your structure to achieve our goal of removing the unsightly from your building in the safest way possible, yet leaving you with nothing less than a FLAWLESS FINISH...


Gum on sidewalks, in front of stores and mall entrances is unstoppable but is removable and maintainable. Flawless Finish provides gum removal service for most of the stores you walk into on a daily basis. You just don't see us doing it because we do it at night when the establishment is closed so no one is inconvenienced or at risk of an injury.

So how it works is the store or mall closes for the night, then we arrive and do what we do best. Remove all the gum and stains using our high pressure and hot water machines and wash down the entire sidewalk/entrance and the store front if requested. Then the next day the store/mall opens for another day of business looking like they had the sidewalks/entrance replaced with a new one. It's the little things like this that go a long way and help to avoid costly accidents.

As far as graffiti goes, we are the specialists that have the equipment and solutions to remove graffiti from almost any surface no matter how tough or delicate it may be. Our highly trained personnel have what it takes to restore your property to the point that you will not even be able to tell where the graffiti was. This service works great for other types of jobs like paint overspray, contractor marking paint, parking lot lines and more...


Awnings are the main focal point of your business. Awnings are what attract people to your business. So don't let bird droppings, dirt and mildew ruin the image of your business. Our fully adjustable machines can be turned down to the most minimal pressure to remove all the debris from your awning without harming the lettering, signage and or the vinyl or canvas it is made of. By doing this your awning will appear brighter, cleaner and newer, in turn attracting more customers...


Parking garages and parking lots are one of the most over looked item when cleaning your property. We are capable of cleaning very large areas such as these with the state of the are machines we own. With these machines we can clean large amounts of square footage in very little time, saving you money, yet making it efficient for us. Just because we park and drive on them doesn't mean we should let them go unclean. It is also effective for prepping to reseal or repair these areas. We remove tire markings, spills, dirt and gum from parking garages and parking lots which brightens them up and enhances the curb appeal of your property...


Just the exchange of money, soda and food can change the appearance of your drive-thru lane at your establishment. Let's face it, we are there to pay and pick up our food that we can't wait to eat. So who wants to pick up their food from the window and look down and see a greasy, dirty, messy area rite before we dig in. Not a good look for any food handling establishment. Just by applying the proper detergents and the proper amount of pressure, all those can me taken care of. We can remove all the unsightliness that will restore your business's lane back to the way it was on opening day.

Dumpster enclosures, enough said. We all know we don't exactly make it into the bin every time. Trash and rubbish are thrown into these dumpster/garbage areas to rid us of the nasty smells and bacteria, yet we still smell it even from the furthest distances away. Also the truck that comes to remove the rubbish usually isn't the cleanest and usually leaves quite a mess and stench behind. Once again, that is where we come in. Our specially formulated detergents have anti-bacterial additives and are scented to mask the rotten smell of garbage. So your rubbish area will not only appear cleaned and bacteria free but it will smell that way too...


With commercial building additions or new builds lots of concrete and other forms of masonry are used. With this cutting is involved, which generates lots of dust. As well as all of the other construction that is going on at the property does too. So before the big grand opening or the before the new tenant sees the new face of their business, give it the touch it needs which is a clean one. Don't let the dust and dirt from the build take away from the beautiful hard work you just put into the building. We remove all dirt and dust from the building as well as rinse down the entire property. Because lets face it, the dirt and dust weren't on the plans when the new customer signed off on the build. So remember, every project, build or addition is not finished until it has had a FLAWLESS FINISH...


You can rely on us for an affordable service that never compromises on a flawless finish!

See our FLOOD RESTORATION page for the details on that service...

Give us a call today for your FREE estimate and give your property the finish it deserves, a FLAWLESS FINISH.

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Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmounth, Morris, New Jersey, Ocean, Passaic,  Sussex,  Somerset,  Warren,  Rockland (NY), Orange (NY), Westchester (NY).